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31st May 2015, 12:33 PM
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Rd Ashes 31st May 2015, 12:40 PM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
This page took me a ridiculously long time to do!
Stupid little businesses. ;-)

Well, this is it, first page of my reboot.
I didn't say it was going to be GOOD! Just new.

This is one of my main characters, when she was a little girl.
Next page will be up on Monday or Tuesday. I still haven't decided. Probably Monday since I'm pretty excited!!!

Again, thanks to anyone who checks it out, I appreciate your patience! It's been a bit slow going.
MadJak91 31st May 2015, 12:42 PM edit delete reply
This is going to be worth it.
I knew you can draw but I had no idea you are THIS good :D
Rd Ashes 31st May 2015, 3:08 PM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Awwwww, thanks so much Madjak!
Just don't look at anything too closely.

I already see a bunch of stuff that I want to change but I have to work on new pages.
Skweeee 1st Jun 2015, 3:24 PM edit delete reply
Sheesh!!! Ash, this is magnificent!! I love what you did with the street view here!

I am in awe of the mood you've set here, too. Can't wait to see how this backstory goes!
Rd Ashes 1st Jun 2015, 10:20 PM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Magnificent? *blush*
Thanks Skweeee!

I don't know how you draw your outdoors and city scenes so effectively, it honestly took me forever to do that first panel.
I'm never, ever showing the outdoors again in this comic.
Everyone's just going to have to be inside all of the time!
TheSilentSilence 13th Dec 2015, 1:51 PM edit delete reply
Once again, awesome town! This must have taken you a very very long time.
Rd Ashes 13th Dec 2015, 7:12 PM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Yep. Never again! NEVER!
From now on everyone stays inside, in front of a blank wall!