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28th Feb 2016, 9:42 PM
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Rd Ashes 28th Feb 2016, 9:42 PM edit delete
Rd Ashes
I thought I'd jump on the Sunday bandwagon.

I have lots of establishing shots leading into this scene.
Then again, it is a big change of scenery and characters.
I wanted to get you acclimatized.

This is going somewhere, I promise.

Next update, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
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lirvilas 28th Feb 2016, 10:08 PM edit delete reply
Sunday night is when only the classiest and most luxurious works update!
Rd Ashes 29th Feb 2016, 12:10 AM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
I just wanted to see what it was like THIS ONE TIME to be included with CF's finest.
MadJak91 29th Feb 2016, 4:01 AM edit delete reply
Not that I am attempting to be included in those works but you can stuff your Sundays.
MONDAY here, son!
jamie59 28th Feb 2016, 10:08 PM edit delete reply
Here comes the Vampire.
Rd Ashes 29th Feb 2016, 12:08 AM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
LOL, have you noticed that with the exception of one scene in 65 pages, it's ALWAYS dark?
That's because they are all vampires! SURPRISE!

MadJak91 29th Feb 2016, 4:02 AM edit delete reply
Talk about being TOO organized.
Seriously, those bad guys (who is the bad guy though) should have committed to their nightly raids at random times. Now everyone knows at what time they come out :|

Such high school summer camp organization skills...
Rd Ashes 29th Feb 2016, 10:24 PM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Well, if they are not heading out of the energy perimeter, technically they SHOULD have been safe.
Who the hell expects Jhett and his men to show up?

Not them, that's who!

They shouldn't have been so complacent!
MadJak91 1st Mar 2016, 4:00 AM edit delete reply
Still expecting a proper explosion!
Stever 29th Feb 2016, 8:24 AM edit delete reply
Wow, gorgeous page. Love that fence too. Although I think I'd prefer not to jump that one XD
Rd Ashes 29th Feb 2016, 10:32 PM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Thank you, thank you! This one took forever to draw.

That's their version of barbed wire.
Let's hope that no one takes the term "sitting on the fence" too literally!

Smilocide 4th Mar 2016, 12:23 AM edit delete reply
Dang ol' dang! Establishing shots are some of the best panels ever, and these rock rather hard! Takes some guts not to shy away from all that work but it's worth it in spades. So moody 'n' stuff.
Rd Ashes 4th Mar 2016, 11:55 PM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Thanks so much.
I feel an EXTRA need to do establishing shots in this comic because it's sci-fi, but I feel like I'm ripping readers off of an update that might have more action in it.
It's SO nice to hear that it's appreciated.
Smilocide 5th Mar 2016, 1:43 PM edit delete reply
I get antsy because these stories often take many pages (weeks) to unfold, but that doesn't mean these scenes aren't important, and once a big archive is established, it seems to become evident that the pace of most comics is way too hurried, so I'm glad you struck a balance.